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Bodine Electric of Decatur is a well-known electrical contractor and repair services provider throughout the Midwest, having performed superior electrical work for nearly a century. Bodine has grown to have multiple divisions offering a full range of capabilities — including electro-mechanical repair, electrical wholesale, communications systems, residential/commercial electrical service and traffic controls.

Our employees bring years of experience and industry knowledge to ensure projects and repairs run smoothly. With our headquarters in Decatur and offices in both Champaign and Danville, Bodine has a strong presence throughout Illinois and is one of the largest electrical companies in the region. Learn more.

When you work with Bodine, you can be sure you’re receiving both professional electrical service and the highest-quality craftsmanship. Whether it’s on a jobsite as an electrical contractor or completing electric motor repair at our facility, our employees are extensively trained and experienced for each of the services we deliver. That sort of reliability leads to better, more cost-effective and timely work for each of our customers.

Bodine also challenges itself to ensure our procedures are industry leading. Our repair facility has been certified as an EASA Accredited Service Center by the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, proving we consistently deliver quality repairs that maintain or improve AC electric motor efficiency and reliability.

No aspect of Bodine’s work is as important as the safety of our workers. Our proactive approach to creating a safe work environment has proven effective, evidenced by numerous awards, accolades and an exceptional safety record. Bodine’s safety staff includes a full-time safety director and an OSHA-qualified trainer, and our Decatur electro-mechanical repair shop has achieved the OSHA VPP Star Site designation.

Some of the steps Bodine Electric takes to ensure its workers’ safety, both in our work as an electrical contractor and in our repair facility, include: site- and topic-specific training; OSHA 10- and 30-hour training; job hazard assessments; and near miss/incident reporting and investigation. Learn more.

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