ABB AFS 3-Pole Contactors for Safety Applications

ABB has designed a line of 3-pole contactors with machine safety in mind. The AFS contactors are available in a wide range, stretching from 9A to 750A for motor-starting applications. AFS contactors comply with EN ISO 13849 and EN 62061 standards, and include an easily identifiable yellow low-energy auxiliary contact block that displays the correct contactor status at all times.

  • Fast response: AFS contactors feature fast opening times, down to 20 ms for certain PLC controlled contactors, ensuring that dangerous failures are detected and operators are kept out of harm’s way.

  • Contact block: On the fixed contact block, mechanically linked and mirror contacts provide the performance required in feedback circuits. This prevents any unexpected state changes of auxiliary contact if main contacts become welded or stuck and ensures an accurate depiction of the safety system status displayed at all times. A factory-fitted transparent cover on contactors up to 96A shields the contactor status indicator, providing additional protection from misuse.

  • Easy integration: The AFS design — with energy-efficient coils allowing for smaller transformers — helps panel space be used more efficiently. A wide voltage range and easily available safety data (SISTEMA, FSDT) helps simplify product selection. Also, AFS contactors can be controlled directly by safety PLCs or safety relays, or by a power relay depending on size.

  • Surge supression: Unlike conventional contactors, AFS contactors have built-in surge suppression, preventing surges from ever reaching the control circuit. With no need for the usual external surge suppressor add-ons, ABB’s solution means one less device to install and one less complication to manage.


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