ABB SACE Tmax XT5 & XT7 Molded Case Circuit Breakers


SACE Tmax XT molded case circuit breakers ensure extreme performance and protection features up to 1,200 amps. They are designed to maximize ease of use, integration and connectivity, and built to deliver safety, reliability and quality.

Both the XT5 and XT7 are manufactured for heavy-duty applications, and the XT7 model received the EC&M Magazine Product of the Year Silver Award.

Key elements of an electrical distribution system, Tmax XT circuit breakers give you the ability to monitor and manage a wealth of information, easily, wherever you are. These trip units can be monitored remotely by smartphone or tablet using the revolutionary new EPiC app or connected to the cloud for further analytics through the ABB Ability™ Energy & Asset Manager software. EPiC also allows for easy selection of accessories.

  • Full-color touchscreen

  • Real-time load monitoring and 1% accuracy embedded power metering

  • Embedded software to handle load shedding, automatic transfer switching and microgrid applications

  • Power quality, voltage, and frequency measurement and alarms

  • Adaptive protections for complex systems

  • I/O and temperature monitoring

  • Available retrofit kit for Spectra panelboards and switchboards

Frame size: 600 A up to 600 V ULFrame size: 1,200 A up to 600 V UL
Available trip units: Thermal magnetic, MCS, MCP, basic electronic and advanced electronicAvailable trip units: MCS, MCP, basic electronic and advanced electronic
Max. interrupt rating: 200 kA at 480 V, 100 kA at 600 VMax. interrupt rating: 100 kA at 480 V, 65 kA at 600 V

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