Baldor-Reliance EC Titanium Motor-Drives

ec titanium motor-drive
ec titanium motor-drive

EC Titanium motors are a highly efficient integrated motor-drive that combines synchronous reluctance and permanent magnet technologies for a sustainable, wirelessly connected solution that improves your bottom line. Electronically commutated motors have traditionally been used to meet high-efficiency requirements, and the EC Titanium line exceeds the highest standards while providing excellent performance across a wide speed load range.

  • IE5 efficiency — Highly efficient at full load and partial load conditions offering as much as 16 percent efficiency gains at partial load and speed

  • Tune and control flexibility — Multiple options including wired keypads and PC tools for easy commissioning and tuning as well as Bluetooth communication for easy configuration

  • Plug and play — The drive is pre-programmed to require only two inputs (start/stop) to run out of the box

  • NEMA drop in — Using conventional NEMA product architecture, the mounting dimensions make interchanging seamless

  • Reliable and low noise — Extremely low starting current and less cogging reduces mechanical stresses of the load

  • The integrated product saves considerable control panel space and reduces wiring costs by placing the variable frequency drive on top of or on the opposite drive end of the motor.

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