Baldor-Reliance® Severe Duty & Farm Duty Motors

These motor lines from ABB can operate in the most demanding applications. Severe duty motors are designed to work in extreme temperatures, high altitudes and dirty, dusty and wet environments.

Severe duty and farm duty motors can serve a number of functions, including grain drying and storage; exhaust fans; conveyors; pumping; high-vibration and high-thrust applications; aggregate crushing; and more.

  • Safer approach: The Baldor-Reliance® severe duty motors are designed for safer installation with rugged lifting provisions and an oversized conduit box. They also offer permanently labeled color leads, a clamp-type grounding lug and lead separators to protect against shorts/abrasion.

  • Rugged build: With an IP55 rating, severe duty motors offer protection from the elements, including water and dust particles. They also feature cast iron construction to protect from falling objects.

  • Alignment aid: Severe duty motors have vertical jacking provisions to allow for micro-adjustments to ensure the shaft is perfectly aligned.

  • Easier maintenance: Dowel pin holes speed up the maintenance process by allowing users to drill their base. Severe duty motors also feature embossed stainless steel nameplates, with 60/50 Hz information on the nameplate.

  • Multiple offerings: Aside from general severe duty, ABB offers motors to meet IEEE 841 standards, vertical p-base motors and crusher-duty motors.
  • Farm duty features: Baldor-Reliance® farm duty motors are constructed for a longer lifespan, with sealed/lubed-for-life bearings, an IP54 rating and epoxy paint. They’re available in 1/2 to 100 HP, NEMA 56 through 405T.


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