Eaton DM1 Micro Variable Frequency Drive

eaton dm1 variable frequency drive

DM1 microdrives are part of Eaton’s next-generation PowerXL adjustable frequency drives specifically engineered for more demanding applications. The power unit uses the most sophisticated semiconductor technology and a highly modular construction that can be adapted to customer needs.

A compact footprint, best-in-class connectivity and flexibility of short-circuit protection and motor control all contribute to a robust drive that is easy to implement and operate. These VFDs can be used where space is limited, including pump and HVAC applications.

  • Models: Single-phase (115/230 V) and three-phase versions (400/600 V) are available, covering the power range up to 22 kW.
  • Short-circuit ratings: Certified under new IEC/ULT standard, 61800-5-1; 100 kAIC with fuses and MCCBs; 65 kAIC with type E manual motor protectors; 10/14 kAIC with miniature circuit breakers; no additional fuses or line reactors necessary

  • Ease of use: Easy Startup Wizard; PC Tool software; integrated Bluetooth; four built-in applications; diagnostics; local/remote button; removable keypad with copy/paste functionality

  • Energy savings: Active Energy Control®, an optimization algorithm, comes standard in the DM1, and can increase your energy savings by up to 10 percent.

  • Space saving: DM1 drives are compact in size, with a NEMA 1 kit option. The line includes on-board ethernet and serial-based communication, and input/output connections.

  • HVAC/R applications: The DM1 has multiple features that make it the right choice for air handling units, exhaust fans, compressors and refrigeration. Those include HVAC-specific control and protection, as well as the flexibility to work with many types of motors (IE2, IE3, IE4, magnet motors, brushless DC motors, custom motor tuning).


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