Eaton PXR Low-Voltage Switchgear

Eaton’s Magnum PXR switchgear brings a new look along with the integration of Power Xpert Release trip units, providing what you expect and much more — with added safety features, enhanced functionality and communications. In addition to models with both front and rear access, Magnum PXR switchgear features versions with ArcGard arc-resistant and Arc Quenching configurations.

  • Improved maintainability with dedicated secondary terminals with separate access door and front accessible control wireway.

  • Increased reliability with modular design allows for reduced parts for both structures and breakers.

  • Reduced installation cost with front accessible controls and wiring enables rapid installation and commissioning.

  • Increased safety with complete enhanced performance suite of options including new breaker interlocking and through-the-door kirk keys.

  • Offers optional pre-engineered automatic transfer and intelligent control packages with features that can be modified to meet specific requirements.

Rear access model specs

  • UL 1558/891

  • Up to 10,000 A continuous current — horizontal main bus

  • Up to 5,000 A continuous current — vertical riser bus

  • Short circuit withstand rating of 100 kA

  • Bus standard bracing is 100 kA — optional 150 kA

  • 4-wire applications, 100% neutral

  • Eaton PXR trip unit with digital display, programming through the Power Xpert Power Management (PXPM) software via micro-B USB

  • Optional safety shutters

  • Rear cover or doors

  • Control wire standard Type SIS insulated stranded copper

  • Integrated HRG optional (HRG can be standalone or wall mount)


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