Eaton Pow-R-Line Xpert Switchboards & Panelboards

Eaton’s newest line of power distribution equipment has built-in features to create safer, more reliable systems. The Pow-R-Line family includes integrated Eaton Power Defense circuit breakers, and is highly adaptable, with easily-removable secondary covers to allow for a wide range of accessories.

  • Breaker health diagnostics: Monitors and communicates breaker health status, enabling predictive maintenance to avoid costly, unscheduled downtime

  • Re-engineered deadfront covers: Offers full visibility to breaker faceplate as well as accessibility to trip units without having to remove deadfront cover

  • PXPM testing and configuration: PXR trip units equipped with micro-USB connection for secondary injection testing through your PC, saving you labor hours and the cost of expensive test kits

  • Integrated metering capabilities: Simplifies installation by current and voltage metering internal to trip unit with no need for external modules

  • Standardizing Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System (ARMS) functionality: Enhanced and consistent functionality of industry-leading solution to reduce arc flash energy released during maintenance operations
  • Embedded communications: Helps to reduce cost by eliminating the need for separate communication components and associated wiring


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