Bodine Electric Co. SCR-Rated Gearmotors

Bodine Electric Company offers a complete line of parallel and hollow shaft DC gearmotors to fit multiple industrial applications. These models are all compatible with unfiltered SCR speed controls, and can perform under many conditions. Bodine gearmotors are available in dozens of models and can be a drop-in substitute for many other lines of motor that you may already have in your facility.

Product features

  • High starting torque and adjustable speed

  • Rated armature speed of 2500 RPM

  • Unvented gearhousing with standard face mount

  • Industrial lip-type seals on motor and output shafts

  • Needle bearing on output shaft for increased radial load capacity and long life

  • Permanently lubricated gearing utilizing synthetic oil

  • All steel helical gears for quietness, high output torque and long life (AGMA 9)

  • Helical pinion accurately cut on armature shaft for max strength and minimum noise

  • Noise-tested ball bearings permanently lubricated

  • Insulation Class F. TENV

Related options

  • Hypoid Series: Bodine Electric Company also combines its high-performance 33A PMDC motor with hypoid gearheads for its 90VDC/180VDC SCR-rated hypoid gearmotors. The gearmotor’s high torque, energy-efficient performance and smaller footprint make it ideal for conveyor systems, food processing, medical equipment and factory automation.
  • Matched controls: Bodine Electric Company also offers UPM speed controls to drive these gearmotors with a power rating up to 1/5 HP. They feature DIP switches and chassis controls.


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