Regal Marathon Globetrotter Electric Motor

marathon globetrotter motor
globetrotter nameplate

Regal’s Marathon Globetrotter® line of electric motors has undergone multiple upgrades, making it a strong option among modern, durable motors for industrial applications.

A redesigned totally enclosed cast iron construction brings with it many features that increase the Globetrotter’s dependability — evidenced by improved IP and hazardous location ratings. It’s available from 1.5 to 200 HP, with accessory kits and potential modifications to meet customer-specific needs.

  • Available in 1.5-200 HP

  • IP55 protection on cast iron frame models; IP43 on rolled steel models

  • Cast iron fan cover and conduit box are available when severe service is required

  • Rated for hazardous locations: Division 2, Zone 2 Class I (gases) Groups A, B, C, D

  • Meets temperature code T2B

  • IE3 NEMA Premium® efficiencies for energy savings and reduced operating costs

  • Inverter duty 10:1

  • Easy to modify with BCP™ Bearing Current Protection on non-Division 2 models

  • Capable of changing from F1 to F2 conduit box location

  • Dual frame mounting holes on base provide ease and versatility in mounting

  • UL recognized, CSA certified, CE mark

  • Now shared by two Regal brands — both Marathon and Leeson


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