Pepperl+Fuchs DeviceMaster® Serial Gateways


Highly flexible P+F DeviceMaster® serial gateways are capable of connecting any serial device to plant ethernet or the cloud. With a large selection of modules and an integrated web server, the serial gateways support the wide array of modern and legacy equipment.

  • A match for modern networks: The serial gateways enable fast and flexible integration of serial devices such as barcode scanners, RFID read heads, scales, printers and vision systems into Ethernet-based fieldbus systems like PROFINET, MODBUS TCP and EtherNet/IP.

  • Managing your device settings: The integrated web server allows the serial parameters for individual ports to be configured via a web browser. For largescale applications, the free software, PortVision® DX, is the perfect solution.

  • Wide product range: The gateways are available with 1 to 32 ports with DB9 or terminal block connections for DIN rail, panel and rack mounting — supporting a variety of customer application requirements.

  • Strong security: The DeviceMaster® offers an SSL web interface and serial data stream encryption as well as the ability to lock out communication ports such as HTTP and Telnet.

  • Reliability: A solid-state design results in a high mean operating time between failures, ensuring long-term reliability for your mission-critical applications.

  • Flexibility: With a single gateway, communication with many serial devices can be supported at the same time using a combination of RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 serial communication protocols.


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