Regal Rexnord Marathon Flex-in-1 General Purpose Motors

flex-in-1 motor
flex-in-1 motor

Marathon Motors Flex-in-1 general purpose motors are designed to offer out-of-the-box easy configuration while minimizing the amount of storage space necessary for inventory. By nature, a general-purpose motor can serve in a multitude of applications, and the Flex-in-1 motor is no different. The configurable design makes modifying the motor to fit a specific application — such as pumps, HVAC and conveyors — simple. The flexible design can replace as many as 18 different motor models.

  • Meets motor needs for F-1, F-2 and F-3, with three different conduit box options by rotating the base around the periphery of the motor frame; holes and slots for NEMA 56, 56H, 143T and 145T
  • Base rotates by simply removing and reattaching four bolts
  • Conduit box cover gasket to meet IP44 or better enclosure rating
  • Allows for a fully stocked inventory that takes up less shelf space
  • ODP & TEFC enclosures
  • Inverter duty capable (10:1 CT for TEFC; 2:1 CT for DP)
  • Multi-mount repositionable base and C-Face saves time during installation and offers flexibility in off-the-shelf solutions
  • Mounting holes in frame and C-Face (at 90˚ increments) allows F-1/F-2/F-3 conduit box locations
  • 180˚ rotatable conduit box (7/8” & 1-1/8” knockouts on all sides)
  • Combination mounting holes in base (56/143 — shorter base option; 56/56H/143/145 — longer base option)
  • Double-sealed bearings offer longer life and less down time
  • Class F insulation
  • C-Face mounting

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