Regal Rexnord SyMAX Permanent Magnet Motors

symax permanent magnet motor

Regal Rexnord’s Marathon SyMAX® motor offers among the highest available dynamic response of any motor on the market due to reduced rotor inertia. With permanent magnet design, SyMAX® rotor loss is minimized, reducing operating temperature. The result is consistent repeatable machine performance that creates less product variation and a higher quality product. You’ll see longer maintenance intervals and increased service life of the entire drive system due to simplification or removal of power transmission devices such as pulleys, belts and gear reducers.

  • Broad product offering that is designed for high-speed and high-performance air moving, compressor and pumping applications

  • Wide voltage/frequency range meeting global requirements

  • IE4 efficiencies increase energy savings and reduce operating costs

  • “Performance matched” to all leading brands of VFDs

  • Direct drop-in replacement, with 1-2 frame size reduction possible

  • Patented MAX GUARD® insulation system allows operation at any practical cable distance, at any carrier frequency, on any approved drive

  • Power Rating: Up to 75 HP

  • Voltage: 400VAC or 460VAC 50/60HZ

  • TEFC or optional TENV construction

  • C-face/foot mount style available

  • Constructed of rolled steel (class F) and cast iron (class H) with custom build options available to fit your needs

  • Premium severe duty in cast iron models

  • IP ratings: (rolled steel) IP 43/54, (cast Iron) IP 54, 55, 56

  • Optional BCP or insulated ceramic rolling element bearings

  • UL®, CSA® and CE®


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