Toshiba AS3 UL Type 12 IP55 Adjustable Speed Drive


Toshiba’s AS3 UL Type 12/IP55 adjustable speed drive is designed to withstand harsh, industrial environments and features built-in communications, allowing end-users to access real-time data and refined controls to maximize system performance. The AS3 can be adapted to fit many applications, is well-suited for machine control and has the ability to control permanent magnet motors with higher torque and efficiency values.

  • Highly protective: The AS3’s build protects from falling water, splashing water, dust, dirt, lint and fibers to operate in the harshest of environments.

  • Pump control: Features multi-PID control with sleep function and the ability to autonomously control booster pumps based on system demands or operating a secondary PID control loop.

  • Communications: This drive fits Industry 4.0/IoT connected manufacturing, with dual-port ethernet IP to connect multiple AS3s and an embedded web server for quick ethernet setup, parameters and real-time monitoring. Its diagnostics are available on PCs, tablets and smart phones.

  • Easy QR help: The AS3 displays QR codes when troubleshooting faults or alarms, providing immediate access to a dedicated web link for maintenance and support.

  • Quality display: The AS3 has an advanced keypad, multi-language LCD display, remote mounting, IP65 rating, transfer/save parameters, real-time clock for fault logging and calendar functionality.
  • STO terminal: A detachable terminal strip meets IEC directives for safety with full implementation of Safe Torque Off, which quickly shuts down the system in the event of an emergency stop.


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