Toshiba Medium-Voltage Motors and Drives

mtx drive

Toshiba offers complete medium-voltage motor and drive solutions well-suited for industrial applications of any type. The EQP Global® 841 electric motor is IEEE 841 nameplated and offers severe duty protection for the toughest applications, and three versions of Toshiba’s MTX NEMA 3R medium-voltage adjustable speed drive are specifically engineered for outdoor mounting nearly anywhere — eliminating the need for indoor floor space.

EQP Global® 841

  • IP56 degree of protection — Non-contacting labyrinth seals provide increased moisture and dust protection

  • Universal components — Modification provisions enable customization with industry readily available supplied parts

  • Interchangeable bearing brackets — Interchangeable C-face and D-flanges for application flexibility

  • Foot flatness — Precision foot flatness increases mechanical durability

  • Cast iron and anti-corrosive design — Cast iron frame and brackets with cast iron or fabricated steel terminal box(es) and fan cover ensure a high level of mechanical rigidity

  • Thermal protection — Embedded platinum stator RTDs and low watt density space heaters


MTX® drives

  • Outdoor design — A hybrid of a forced-air-cooled drive cabinet and a convection-cooled 36-pulse isolation transformer, which helps keep the drive cool and clean

  • Sophisticated electronics package — Five-level Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) with Neutral-Point Clamping (NPC) technology

  • Three model lines — MTX® (500-3000 HP), MTX2®-15 (500-1500 HP), MTX2®-60 (3500-6000 HP)

  • MTX2® — Operates in extreme conditions, in temperatures ranging from -45°C to 50°C

  • Integrated isolation transformer on MTX2® — Phase shifting transformer simplifies design and reduces overall harmonics to meet or exceed IEEE 519-2014 harmonic standards


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