Toshiba’s EQP Global Quarry-Duty Motors

Toshiba’s EQP Global quarry-duty motor utilizes a totally enclosed fan-cooled design, oversized superior-grade bearings and shafts built with high-strength steel to withstand the harsh environments. This low-vibration motor exceeds NEMA MG1 standards for improved stability and durability.

These key features allow these motors to provide outstanding reliability and efficiency for the toughest applications in the aggregate, cement, mining and mineral industries.

  • Superior performance — Delivers high-starting torques combined with high-breakdown torques, which allows it to be used in a variety of applications.

  • Insulation system — Designed for aggressive overloads, the motor offers up to 1.25 SF with large thermal margins for extended life and reliability.

  • Ingress protection — Utilizing a totally enclosed fan-cooled design combined with a v-ring or shaft slinger seals, the motor has an IP55 rating, which helps prevent motor operation interference from humidity, dust, dirt and contaminants present in the environment.

  • Inverter duty rated — The motor is designed for use with an adjustable speed drive, which can lead to energy savings when the motor is run at optimum speed.


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