WEG Farm Duty Motors

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WEG’s line of farm duty motors is designed in accordance with torque and environmental requirements for their individual applications while maintaining WEG’s reputation for highly reliable, tough motors.

Standard features include V-rings on totally enclosed motors for versatility in indoor and outdoor applications. All motors are equipped with either thermostats or thermal overload protectors, providing protection against extreme overloads and offering safety to operators.

  • General purpose: TEFC enclosure; double shielded ball bearings; insulation class F with class B temperature rise; start and run capacitor on 1.5 HP and up; high starting torque; IP55 ingress protection rating; manual reset thermal overload protector; three-phase model available

  • Aeration fan motors: Suitable for air-over applications such as aeration fans, exhaust fans and other air handling units; IP55 protection

  • Grain dryer/vane axial fan: Designed for air over direct coupling crop dryer vane axial fans; Class F insulation; capable of continuous operation

  • Auger drive: Capacitor start; double-shielded ball bearings; two bolts mounting NEMA ‘N’ flange; centrifugal start switch protected against auger driver overspeed

  • PSC direct drive fan motors

  • Poultry fan

  • Irrigation drive: These drive motors for center pivot and linear travel irrigation towers have been used on OEM equipment for decades. A unique design offers a stainless steel rain shield for extra protection against water and other elements typically present in an agricultural environment. They also feature double sealed ball bearings, an automatic reset thermal overload protector, corrosion resistant phosphate shaft coating and a gasketed conduit box.


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