Bodine Electric is always ready to provide emergency electric motor repair services, and that proved out when a Saturday call came into our after-hours answering service in July 2021. A new customer — an ingredient manufacturer in North Carolina — had its production held up when a motor used on an evaporator went down. An immediate replacement was needed.

After the 7 a.m. call, Bodine started working to identify the best course of action for the customer. Our sales and engineering personnel identified and procured a used motor from a company in Ohio, and got it en route to our Decatur repair facility. Upon arrival, a team of technicians started complete reconditioning work — in total, six different Bodine technicians worked on the motor to move the repair process along as quickly as feasible.

The motor:

  • 1,500 HP

  • 1,800 RPM

  • 2,300V

  • Weather-Protected Type II

  • 3020SS6 frame

About 80 hours after the call reached our after-hours personnel, Bodine had a reconditioned motor loaded onto a truck for shipment to North Carolina — a great start to a new client partnership.